Rise above the day to day.
Explore the changing landscape of chaplaincy.

Join a community who understands the unique social location of chaplains. Dive into our ‘Monthly Forest Finds,’ handpicked resources to inspire and empower your practice. Connect, grow, and find stimulation in a diverse community of professionals who share your dedication and compassion for caregiving. Also, we know how to have fun.

Looking up at tree as if laying down looking up the trunk of the tree.

Chaplains are facing a scarcity of new strategies and approaches for care.

Pastoral care in seminary, four units of CPE, certification, a few CEU’s each year is not enough.

Chaplains need theoretical knowledge,  practical skills and a broad view to deepen and expand their practice of care for a world in flux, crisis and change.

An Exploratory Respite

The Treehouse is a place to be curious, strategize, innovate and grow alongside other chaplains.

We have designed the Treehouse to break the constraints of traditional chaplain education, expanding its scope to encourage creativity and broaden our understanding of what chaplaincy can be.

Karen Hutt
Michael, a chaplain.
Kirstin, a chaplain
Judith, a chaplain.

What you'll find inside

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Monthly ‘Forest Finds’

Every month, we curate a breadth of resources related to the ‘theme’ for that month. From practical illustrations to thought provoking articles, these Forest Finds are worth pondering.

Real People. Real Encouragement

Chaplains from diverse backgrounds are what make the Treehouse a unique place. We have a commitment to support each other as fellow caregivers.

Regular Live Events

From guest interviews to live debates, we're regularly scheduling events to make sure the Treehouse is a place for real discussion and interaction.

Growing Database of Quality Resources

With every passing month, our curated collection of resources will continue to grow. Members have access to everything and can search and filter by topic.

We built the Treehouse because we know you take chaplaincy seriously.

As chaplains, we understand the unique challenges of our field and the necessity for a space where we can learn, share, and develop alongside our peers.

Here's how it works

Become a member

Whether you're a student, and individual or and administrator wanting to bring your entire team into the Treehouse, we have plans for you.

Explore the monthly Forest Finds

After signing up and completing your membership application, you'll have instant access to all the resources the Treehouse has to offer.

Encourage others, be encouraged

The discussion rooms inside the Treehouse is where the magic happens. Engage with your peers and learn from others diverse backgrounds and experiences.

It’s time for working chaplains of all backgrounds to de-silo and collaborate.

The shifts taking place in chaplaincy require new platforms for communication and a broader constellation of information that crosses disciplines. Now is the time for working chaplains, seminarians, academics, residents, aspiring chaplains and chaplain educators to de-silo and collaborate with one another as we discern the next set of theoretical and praxis questions. Will we see chaplains in courts? Should there be public chaplains in your state's department of health and human services? Can chaplains support a post church spiritual renaissance? Can inmates become certified?

While you may not have time or money to attend all the conferences or webinars, you do have time for an article or a quick suggestion. This what the Treehouse is all about.

We are a collective of ACPE educators, clergy, faith leaders, chaplains, CPE residents, community healers, community activists, academics, medical professionals, doulas, and ritualists who have come together to create a space for community building, education and chaplain flourishing.

After a long day of caregiving encounters, you might sit under a tree and look up and be allured by the possibilities of different approaches you should have tried with careseekers, or wonder if there was a resource you should have utilized. Sometimes, you wish you could chat with another chaplain, or get some practical examples about care strategies.

What if we had a treehouse for us… for chaplains to ponder and play?