Community Guidelines

In the Treehouse we support each other

The Treehouse is a place for community building, diverse viewpoints, original thinking, collaboration and most all a place for support. In the Treehouse we support each other by seeing each other, as care colleagues providing special services to our broken world. 

It is critical that we remember that we have joined the Treehouse to connect with ideas and people in a civil and respectful manner. This document is designed to give you an understanding of what is and isn't permitted in the Treehouse.  For most people, these rules should be easy to conform to as they reflect acceptable behaviors you might observe in family, social and workplace settings. Please check back from time to time, as we will review and update the policies as appropriate to reflect feedback received from Treehouse members and the room moderators.

Do not discriminate or demonstrate bias

We do not tolerate racism, hateful language, or discrimination of any form based on sex, ethnicity, religion, gender presentation. pronoun usage or sexual orientation. We also expect respectful behavior towards disabled and neurodivergent people.

Be  kind, respectful, patient and polite

We are care providers, clergy, educators and spiritual care professionals. Let us all remember our call to care. This space is an exploratory respite, not a forum to bully or disrespect anyone’s opinions or ideas.

Discuss important topics in the right place

We have dedicated spaces for different topics. Please do not talk about certification in the Prayers/Poems and Prose section. Etc. 

Bring curiosity, not lectures, rants or evangelism

We seek to build relationships rooted in curiosity, open mindedness and intellectual creativity. This is not a space to badger , lecture or evangelize a position or viewpoint at the expense of other viewpoints.  

Do not engage in harmful activity

We prohibit any activity that could hurt someone, from physical harm to scams. Offensive, rude or harassing behavior will not be tolerated.