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Overcoming patient resistance in palliative care.

Strategies for overcoming obstacles to provide the care that careseekers may not realize they need.

The majority of patients at Chaplain Rebekah Schmidt’s hospital in Wisconsin declined the opportunity to see a spiritual care provider. In the palliative care service, Schmidt knew they wanted to talk but needed a new way in – so she found a creative way to introduce herself to families and patients and created a new intervention tool.

Chaplain as Story Catcher

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Chaplain Rebekah Schmidt was influenced deeply by theologian, educator, civil rights activist, and Appalachian native Nelle Morton, who coined the phrase “hearing into speech” as a powerful metaphor for empowering those who may not be heard … or even invited to speak in the first place.

Nelle Morton - "Hearing to Speech"Prophetic Engagement: Creation Care 

Watch these “Six Word Stories,” and after each one, pause and write what you think the presenting care concern(s) might be. What is the next curious question you have for that story?

The Six Word Story   – GalaxiGirlx

How to Write a Six Word Stories – Master Class

Six Word Snapshots – Facebook


Have careseekers write six word stories about an issue or theme. How would you use these stories in your practice? How would you present this exercise to a careseeker as a care modality?